The history of our land

Originally from Alnwick, England the Paynters emigrated to Canada in 1909. The patriarch, Edwin Paynter, had trained as a lawyer in England but came to Canada with farming intentions. The original lot purchased by Edwin Paynter from Walter D’Aeth ran from Butt Road down to Powers Creek. In total it was 80 acres.

With the outbreak of World War 1, Edwin returned to England for the duration of the war. After the war ended He and his wife Margaret returned in 1919 and started to farm the land. Edwin had a total of 7 children; 6 of who the Westbank property was split between and one daughter who lived in East Kelowna.


The property where the winery stands, down to Paynters Fruit Market and the Corner Fruit Stall on Elliott were all a part of Henry Paynter Sr’s land that was passed down to him from his father, Edwin. Henry was especially close to his older sister, Edwina, who never married and had no children. Henry, Sheila and Edwina ran cattle on the property where the winery is now into the late 40’s. When Edwina passed away her land was left to her brothers Henry and John. John Sr. then passed his land onto his only son, John who still lives on Paynter Road. John originally owned the lot on which the winery was planted, but sold it later in life to Off the Grid owners Travis and his wife Sheri, as well Nigel and his wife Hayley.

Are you confused yet? If you’re not, we're very impressed. Here’s the Coles Notes version: Nigel and Travis Paynter are from a long line of farmers who have lived on and worked their land for over a hundred years. They are lucky enough to be married to two very smart and ambitious women. Together, they can make great wine, and that's all that really matters.